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Developing Business Plan

At this stage we help our clients shape up business ideas and decide on the right market niche to pursue through thorough market analysis and feasibility Study. We have a rich pool of market data and employ proven techniques for analyzing project ideas and testing them against the real market. Our expertise and market knowledge coupled with passion of the entrepreneur provides the basic recipe for a successful enterprise.

Fund Raising

We provide the entrepreneur of funding options available in Oman. These options, typically, include: Debt, Equity and Grants. Our tie-up with financial institutions in Oman allows our SME clients to explore various debt options and select the one(s) that most suits their business. We would then help the with loan application and guide our clients throughout the process. We have also a database of local and regional private investors who are on the lookout for investable SMEs ideas to fund in Oman. We have the experience to advise our clients on the best options and help with the negotiations and valuation. There are also a number of channels for obtaining grants to establish SMEs in Oman. These grants are offered by large Omani private, quasi-government and government organizations for the purpose of enhancing entrepreneurship among Omanis. We are surely aware of these grants and their prerequisites and can help our clients prepare a successful application.

Business and Operation Management

Once the SME is up and running we would provide services and tools that help the newly established business optimize its resource and avoid expensive mistakes. Our service includes but not limited to: Training and Skill Development Business Automation and E-commerce Accounting and Bookkeeping Virtual Office and Office Assistance Marketing and Business Development Performance Evaluation and Advisory

Strategic Consultancy

This service is mainly for medium-sized entities that have been in the businesses for quiet some time and are ready to explore their strategic options. We examine various elements within the organization and provide a set of recommendations and corrective measures which we believe the management should adapt to take the organization to the next level.


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Market Analysis
Financial Consultancy
 Management Consultancy
 Accounting and Bookkeeping
 Legal Advisory
 Low Cost Funding
Prestigious Address
 Professional Office Assistance

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